Shockwave Therapy

Rae Reynolds

I have been a registered massage therapist for 20 years.  My career has always had a therapeutic focus.  Over the years I have taken many courses to update my education and make my treatments more effective, including craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy, visceral manipulation, and medical acupuncture.

Over the last several years I have been studying new medical modalities and have found two modalities to be particularly effective for overall health management:

What is Shockwave Therapy

SHOCKWAVE therapy uses sound waves to release and regenerate tissue.  SHOCKWAVE therapy promotes accelerated soft tissue healing by up regulating the immune system to improve the body’s ability to heal itself.  SHOCKWAVE therapy has two methods of treatment.  Radial shockwave treatment releases and regenerates soft tissue.  Focussed shockwave treatment regenerates deeper level structures with acupuncture precision.

What is Ondamed Therapy

ONDAMED therapy uses focused electromagnetic fields to promote tissue regeneration, activating the body’s own healing mechanisms in a personalized, safe and non-invasive manor.

Electromagnetic fields are targeted to areas where healing is needed, stimulating the immune response, producing cellular detoxification, and improving cellular metabolic functions, and hormonal balance while impacting the nervous system.  A personalized system to reduce cellular inflammation where is needed for you. ONDAMED therapy is a very effective treatment for overall health management.  

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